spinneysFOOD fruit, vegetables and salads: what you need to know

Category manager Paul Morgan breaks down the basics behind our fresh produce in stores

How difficult is it to ensure ready-prepared salads and vegetables are as crisp and fresh as possible?

The key with salad leaves is ensuring they’re kept cool throughout the supply chain: they lose a day of life for every 20 minutes out of the fridge! Our spiralised vegetables are prepared daily and the hard veg (carrots, beets, sweet potatoes) will keep in the fridge for a couple of days.

How do you ensure fruit and veg hit shelves at the peak of ripeness?

The perfect stage of ripeness differs depending on the variety and origin. So that produce arrives to us in prime eating condition, we carried out lots of research into determining the best time for harvesting produce, as well as any transportation temperature needs.

Are fruit for the pot mixes and spiralised veg chosen any differently from the whole produce on sale?

Staff pick ripe produce from our shelves every morning to chop for the pots or to spiralise for your convenience. At the moment we’re working on some passion fruit pots that can be used as toppers for fruit salads.

How large a role does produce from local farmers play in the private label?

We’ve been steadily reducing our number of imported products – particularly tomatoes, aubergines and cucumbers – as we get better at growing sustainably all year round. We’re big believers that by reducing food miles, the produce is fresher and even greater value for customers.

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