Kitchen Skills with Spinneys: How to make homemade barbecue sauce

Learn to cook one of the best condiments around

Why do we need barbecue sauce? The answer is simple. With its kinda-tangy-kinda-sweet vibe and its versatility (being a glaze, marinade, and dip all rolled into one) this is a condiment with the power to elevate meals easily. If you want to know the secret to its creation, you’ve come to the right place:


A good base is key. Start with tomatoes: they can be fresh and chopped, from a can, or simply use a big glug of ketchup.

For that irresistibly sweet taste, use brown sugar, spinneysFOOD Maple Syrup or runny honey – you want the deep flavour these would bring (steer clear of granulated white sugar). Sugar tend to burn quickly, so if you’re cooking coated meat, be wary of quantity.

Heat next (because all great barbecue sauces are alive and kicking). Chilli flakes, cayenne and cumin are all classics while sauces like sriracha and Tabasco are always welcome. Smoked paprika is essential for that smouldering cooked-on-the-grill flavour.

But all that sweetness and spice will need to be balanced – vinegar (malt or apple cider) is just the ticket. And because every condiment needs a good seasoning, add a dash of Worcestershire sauce.


No two sauces are the same, so mix and match the above ingredients until you find the sauce that suits you.


Barbecue sauce

Chilli barbecue ribs with grilled squash

Hot dogs with barbecue sauce, maple bacon and onion rings

Barbecued roast chicken

Grilled baby gem and corn salad with goats’ cheese