Avo great day: 10 avocado recipes (that aren't plain ol’ avocado on toast)

The superfoodie legend that has no limits

Avocado on toast has become the hallmark of breakfast food – a far cry from its hipster beginnings. However you like yours – with lemon, (a big) squeeze of lime, salt and pepper, coriander, cherry tomatoes, chilli flakes – this classic partnership has cemented itself as a heavyweight in the foodie game.

But what happens when you want creamy avo but no bread? More than just a topper, this glorious green fruit (yup, that’s right – fruit) has endless possibilities that need their air time. Here are 10 tasty recipes that aren't avocado on toast:

Baked avocados with eggs and crispy turkey bacon

A trifecta of ingredients – some may call them a triple threat. Baking these beauties with a hint of paprika brings out their wild side.

Gourmet fish finger sandwich

Brunching alone? Embrace the peace and quiet with this gourmet take on the classic sarnie – slather with guacamole because everything tastes better with guac, didn’t you know?

Corn fritters with apple and avocado salsa and feta dip

This vegetarian recipe is sure to make it into the family cookbook. Green has never looked or tasted so good; two fruits, one delightful flavour.

Masala prawns and mint coriander avocado on naan

Who needs to order in when you can create a takeaway-inspired dish in just 25 minutes? Marinate prawns in garam masala and other spices, then pile onto mashed avo.

Avocado and coriander pesto bruschetta with lime and chilli tiger prawns

Ok, so this might share a few characteristics with avocado on toast, but if you’re a fan of the familiar, opt for a recipe with minor tweaks.

Arabic fried egg bagels

Simple, ready in 10 and perfect for when you require a bit of stodge.

Oven-baked caramelised onion and chive frittata with avocado and smoked salmon

Avocado and smoked salmon might just be two of the most perfectly paired ingredients around. If you’re after something fancy for brunch, look no further than this chive-loaded frittata.

Californian prawn and grapefruit bowl

Trendy has got nothing on this wholesome bowl.

Vegetarian breakfast buns

Fried eggs, mushrooms, spinach and alfalfa are layered onto a base of mashed avocado in these gargantuan breakie buns. We respect anyone who finishes feasting with a clean plate.

Lobster, avocado and lime lettuce cups

Lobster may not be something one eats on a daily basis but when one does, it’s a truly scrumptious affair. Ditch the bread for leafy wraps – ideal as a starter if it’s your turn to host a dinner party.

This article was inspired by a question from Susan Atkinson, a Spinneys Magazine reader, who was looking for new ways to use her favourite ingredient. Do you have a question for any of our experts? Visit us on social media and use #AskSpinneys – you never know, you may end up on the pages of next month’s issue!