Super-speedy, super-cheap, super-healthy meal ideas

in the May issue of Spinneys Magazine

We don’t just love cooking – we’re utterly obsessed, can’t get enough, bonkers for it. But sometimes, just sometimes, what a relief it is not to have to pull pots, pans and utensils from cupboards yet still know that – thanks to a magic little helper – we can bring together a healthy, delicious, family-friendly meal that’s not going to break the bank.

The genius aid I’m referring to is the Spinneys deli, of course, an area positively bursting with tasty, colourful salads and lovely accompaniments dreamed up by our expert chefs and prepared fresh every day. If you’re not yet a convert, you’ll be staggered by the prices – Dhs 2.50 per 100g for a feta-heavy Greek salad; just three dirhams for 100g of vibrant Cajun chicken and mango salad. We hope this month's issue will bring you all the ideas and inspiration you need for turning these products into lunches, dinners and more.

Emily Shardlow-Price, editor

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