10 different ways to use coffee

Exfoliators, stain-removers, skin treatments – the caffeine addict’s life hacks

There’s nothing not to like about coffee – we’re totally under its spell. The new spinneysFOOD range is created out of our everlasting love for the stuff, but it wasn’t intended to be only consumed in a mug. Instant, ground beans, pods, granules, the ingredient is not a one-trick pony:

1. Rub grounds into your hair – they act as an exfoliator on your scalp, aiding growth and helping to break apart built-up residue.

2. Use as a fertilizer or pest repellent by mixing with soil in potted plants. This attracts earthworms, brings organic material to the surface and helps shrubs to mature.

3. Remove marks on dark wood by mixing coffee grounds with warm water and vinegar and dabbing gently.

4. Deter mosquitoes by burning any remaining grounds – we might enjoy its odour, but they certainly won’t.

5. Make your own exfoliator by mixing one cup with coconut oil and half a cup of brown sugar.

6. For fresh-looking skin, combine with olive oil and apply to your face, rinsing after 30 seconds.

7. Get rid of pesky marks on pots and pans by dabbing a cloth in old coffee grounds and giving them a scrub.

8. Make hydrangeas more blue – coffee grounds change the acidity in the soil and these flowers change colour depending on the soil’s pH level.

9. If you have a problem with cats in your garden, shower your flower beds with ground coffee and orange peel.

10. A concoction of grounds, boiling water and dish soap is good for getting rid of clogged drains.