Nothing gets left behind: dishes that don’t generate leftovers

Because they’re so delicious, there won’t be a crumb left in sight

Leftovers are great, they ensure you’ve always got a meal readily prepared and they help to cut back on food waste – tired, hungry and uninspired? That bolognese you froze two weeks ago is the cure to all of your woes. However, if your freezer is jam-packed and tupperware is nowhere to be found, you might want a meal that doesn’t hang around. Regardless of whether you’re dining alone or part of a larger group, here are a few recipes that won’t leave you with excess grub:

If you’re going solo…

Sweet and spicy wings with coleslaw

The selling point about going solo at the table is that no one can witness your secret eating habits. With its irresistible sticky coating that will inevitably end up all around your mouth, it’s a good thing that you can enjoy this meal the way it should be enjoyed. Welcome messy food at its finest.

Mozzarella, tomato and pomegranate sandwich

Give yourself a treat next lunchtime with this open sarnie; at 10 minutes preparation time it certainly scores points for ease. Plus, if you do have a last-minute guest it can be doubled in the blink of an eye, meaning you don’t have to share.

If you’re partnering up…

Steak Caesar salad

Fresh leaves meet juicy steak and deliciously creamy dressing. When you want some indulgence but aren’t too keen on consuming a hearty meal close to bedtime, this dish ticks all the boxes.

Italian-style baked fish with crispy sage gnocchi

Dense in all the right places, these tiny potato dumplings are balanced superbly by the light, fresh sea bream fillets. Savour the flavour because there won’t be any seconds… until you decide to cook it the next night… and the night after that.

If you’re in a family of four…

Dauphinoise-topped steak and mushroom pies

Individual portions rather than an all-hands-in-style meal (those are nice too, try roasted chicken and plum traybake) makes it much easier to divide between the family and ensures you can monitor how much the little ones are eating. 1 hour and 30 minutes of slow-cooking equals rich, bold flavours that are the mark of comfort food.

Chicken in barbecue sauce with a green bean, pickled beetroot and feta salad

If you’ve got four hungry tummies to feed, just look to eight skinless chicken thighs covered in a moreish coating. Barbecue sauce is the ultimate crowd-pleaser and the extra veggies mean you’re well on your way to your 10-a-day.

If you’re feeding a crowd…

Roast lamb leg with rosemary tapenade and warm potato salad

A delicious joint of meat that’s fit for a fuller party. Your guests’ hearts will fall for this recipe just as easily as the meat falls off of the bone. And that’s pretty quick.

Mediterranean tart

As part of a larger spread or as a meal in its own right, this dish was made for a classic luncheon. Aubergine, halloumi, capers and olives make this a true representative of the Mediterranean flavours we know and love.

And just in case you do decide there’s space in the freezer for a little leftovers, here are some tips on how to make your food go further.