5 midweek meals made super easy

From the receipt to the recipes, we've got you covered

Midweek dinners in Sukaina Rajabali’s home are speedy, easy affairs full of bold flavours on the table for less than Dhs 30 per person. From the receipt to the recipes, this is how to get it done...


Green-is-good pasta
One pan and 20 minutes equals an easy start to the week


Griddled chicken kebabs with halloumi couscous salad
'Ready-marinated chicken kebabs are one of the tastiest ways to save time' - Sukaina Rajabali


Sesame lamb chop, courgette and carrot salad rice bowls
'To make life easier, I ask Spinneys’ friendly butchers to french trim the chops for me' - Sukaina Rajabali


Prawn, mango and sweetcorn wraps
Prepared mango cups from the deli are a great way to save time – these wraps take just 15 minutes to make


Crispy lamb, courgette and pomegranate flatbreads
‘A freezer stocked with Arabic bread saves the day so many times. The perfect vehicle for big, bold flavours’ - Sukaina Rajabali