Go choco-loco: 9 different things you can do with chocolate

Get yourself in a twix with these wacky combinations

Chocolate is one of those treats that needs no introduction. Universally loved, it’s the ultimate way to reward yourself. Though it has its obvious matches (salted caramel, to name just one) it lends itself to many surprising food pairings – to celebrate its versatility, here are nine different ways to use a square of the good stuff:

From mug to plate

Tea provides chocolate with an unexpected yet exciting element, like in these Earl Grey milk chocolate hearts.

Give it a makeover

Chocolate’s ability to melt and set proves that you don’t just have to eat it in square form – try changing things up with chocolate crispy cakes on spoons.

A little heat

If you’re a chilli fan, don’t just save it for savoury dishes – giving chocolate a bit of spice can balance out its sweetness and add a fiery flavour to sauces, like this chocolate, coffee and chilli combination.

Say cheese!

Surprised? We get it. But it’s delicious, trust us – these two ingredients work wonders when served together. For a truly indulgent treat, opt for a goats’ cheese, cranberry and chocolate tart.

Bring the outside in

Baking is a great way to entertain the little ones; fill an afternoon with fun and create these edible chocolate flowerpots.

Down to the roots

For those times when you want to treat yourself and feel a little less guilty about it, try mixing chocolate with a nutrient-rich veggie – a dessert of beetroot and chocolate cake and these parsnip, white chocolate and cranberry cookies do the trick.

Get savoury

Dial up the sweet notes in your next meaty main with a killer sauce – venison works particularly well.

Slow things down

Let rich flavours infuse for hours in a smoky slow-cooked chilli; we’re talking coffee, cumin, cinnamon, oregano, garlic, chillies and a sprinkling of chocolate for good measure. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Drizzle like you mean it

Be a homegrown culinary artist, the #saltbae of your kitchen, and elegantly cover sweet potato cookies with caramelised macadamia nuts in the choccy bar of your choice.

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