Yeo Valley: more than just a dairy company

A brand new range of great dairy products has just landed

Yeo Valley organic dairy brand is well-known in the UK for its quality produce, ethically-sound farming and interaction with the local British community. And with their products sold exclusively in Spinneys, here’s your chance to learn a little bit more about the brand, and why we’re so delighted to be in partnership with them.


  • Yeo Valley’s founders, Mary and Roger Mead, started making yogurt at Holt Farm in 1961. They produced their first organic yogurt 10 years later and the farm remains a family business today.
  • Yeo Valley yogurts are made using only organic milk and the company sources organic fruit from the UK whenever possible; these are just a few of the reasons why it’s one of the best-known dairy brands in Britain.
  • They are committed to sustainable farming, preserving the countryside, supporting local farmers, and operating in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Their promise is to deliver 'taste, the right way'. That means producing quality products using ethically-sound and sustainable methods.
  • They place importance on interaction with the local community, including offering tours of their organic garden, holding cooking demonstrations and even hosting their own festival.


  • From the natural and Greek-style yogurts (great for taking the heat out of spicy dishes) to on-trend lemon curd (the perfect combo of citrus, sweetness and cream) not forgetting the fruity black cherry or strawberry flavours, dare it be said that there’s a Yeo Valley yogurt for everyone (if not more than one).
  • Their range includes individually portioned yogurt pots that are the perfect size for lunchboxes, or for your desk breakfast.
  • Use their greek yogurt in these tasty pink peppercorn ice creams and for an early-morning treat, try their no-added sugar natural yogurt in these blueberry, yogurt and ricotta breakfast bowls. Or, perhaps you want to simply enjoy it on its own? In which case, their salted caramel variety is a great way to cure those sweet cravings.

Find Yeo Valley products in all of our stores now. And, if you’re interested in what the Yeo Valley marketing team has to say (turns out cows are more intelligent than we think!) click here for a full interview.