3 breakfast foods to help improve focus

The ability to concentrate till nighttime starts with your morning meal

Maintaining focus for long periods of time can sometimes be a challenge – we’re all guilty of drifting off and letting our attention wane from important tasks at hand. If you’re struggling to stay awake or motivated for an entire day, making certain small changes – starting with breakfast – can raise energy levels and keep spirits high. Here’s our list of three fantastic foods to help you perk up (and stay up):

1: Eggs

Packed with protein and the nutrient choline, eggs are a brekkie must. Choline plays a part in supporting brain memory and function, metabolism, liver function and has been associated with alertness – it can also be found in beef, salmon and broccoli.

If eggs are already a breakfast staple for you, why not try a twist on the traditional? These saffron and parmesan scrambled eggs with avocado toast are full of flavour and goodness.

2: Whole wheat foods

As well as being rich in fibre and good for digestion, whole wheat foods are low GI, which means that they release energy (or glucose) slowly, keeping your blood sugar levels consistent so you skip that afternoon slump. High GI ingredients cause a spike in blood sugar glucose, which can leave you feeling tired and sluggish.

Prefer the sweeter things in life? Try our scrumptious breakfast loaf cake with cinnamon, apricot jam and orange zest.

3: Spinach

It’s not hard to see why Popeye deems this leafy legend his vegetable of choice. Spinach is rich in iron, an element that boosts red blood cell function, which, in turn, helps transport oxygen around your body. More oxygen, more energy.

Interested? Go green, starting with this delicious smoothie bowl; quick and simple for people on the move.

As a top tip, try incorporating all three ingredients into one super breakfast: eggs florentine: lots of flavour, lots of focus.