How to: Host your own swishing party

Thinking of popping to the mall for some new clothes? With swishing, you don’t have to

Ever heard of ‘swishing’? It’s the latest fashion craze where friends, family or those in the community come together to exchange tokens for other people’s clothes. They say that one man’s trash is another’s treasure and this new one-stop shop and swap (until you drop) phenomenon certainly proves its worth. Of course, no cash changes hands – this is a friendly event, not a money-making scheme. Think of it as a great way to cut costs, socialise and recycle all at the same time. Get ready, because this is how to host your own party:

What you’ll need

  • An invite list – a good swishing party needs friends (and their clothes).
  • Some tokens to exchange with guests’ clothes. Download a set here.
  • Rules:
    - Token value: are you going to base tokens on the value of the garment or simply exchange one for the other? See our list below on the different ways you assign worth.

    - What to bring: this will ensure that all items are judged fairly. If it’s all about the clothes, you don’t want people turning up with a jewelry collection.

    - Standards: garments need to be in a similar condition.

    - Amount: everyone should bring one item of clothing as a minimum.
  • Friends to arrive half an hour before the ‘swishing’ begins – this way you’ll have enough time to organise the rails.
  • A clothes rail (or two, or three).
  • A hat – or something similar – to put names into. Pick a name out at random to choose the next host.

Different ways of giving tokens value

  • Value tokens based on items brought – if someone brings a designer piece, you might want to give them more tokens than someone who’s brought high street wear.
  • No restrictions on what people can take away, just give them one token to acquire whatever they choose.
  • Tokens based on the amount of items they bring, so if one jumper is brought, one token is given.

Swishing snacks

Buckwheat blinis
If you’re being kind to the environment, why not be kind to your body too? These dainty little bites are easy to eat and make 50, so they’ll be plenty for all your guests.

Cheddar and chive popcorn
No party is complete without a generous bowl of tasty popcorn. While we’ve opted for a savoury cheddar and chive, there are many different flavours for you to choose from on our website (the ginger and caramel hits the spot).

Barbecued chicken nachos 
Now, these saucy Mexican-inspired snacks might not look good if spilt down your new top, but they certainly taste good when enjoyed with friends. As the ultimate sharing platter, nachos have to feature on your swishing menu… just make sure to keep them away from the rails.

Basic garlic bread rolls 
Simple to make and easy to pick up, these rolls are perfect for the grazer that meanders from dish to dish and person to person. While the garlic may halt your plans for general chit chat, it’ll certainly have you reaching for another.

Minted pea hummus and crispy zaatar chick peas
Hummus has swished its way to the top of our go-to dips for all occasions and this is no different. Minted peas give it a memorable edge. Serve with some spinneysFOOD crisps or baked Arabic bread.

Cookie station
Opt for one, two or all three of these recipes and create a fun and interactive cookie dessert station for your guests to enjoy once their shopping is done. Or add a nice touch to the afternoon by sending guests home with a homemade treat.

So, now that all the formalities are over with… whose turn is it to host?