Glitz and gluttony: razzle-dazzle recipes in time for the Oscars

Extravagant edibles for Hollywood’s most glamorous event

In the mood to throw an over-the-top party? Get inspired by the 89th Academy Awards and whip up a few special dishes... because we all need an excuse to indulge every now and again.

The warm-up acts

Nothing gets a glam get-together started like freshly shucked oysters on the half shell – especially when they’re topped with bacon and paprika crumbs. 

Shellfish not your thing? Not to worry – rock melon, bresaola, cranberry and camembert skewers always look good on a pass-around platter. 

If you’re looking for something on the vegetarian side, these truffled crostini with olives, capers and lemon crème fraîche simply shine with elegance. 

The A-listers

Our grass-fed beef is bound to wow guests. This beautifully roasted three-mustard tenderloin with baby baked potatoes potatoes will feed a part of eight and is destined to dazzle.

If you’d like a quick and easy dinner option (that looks anything but), our poached salmon drizzled with saffron cream sauce will do the trick. 

No-fuss, no-stress, one-tray baked risotto is a guaranteed winner – loaded with creamy camembert, sweet squash and aromatic sage this is a dinner with real star quality.

Supporting cast

Three-cheese leek gratin, roasted asparagus with crispy chilli-lemon crumbs or a roasted potato, rosemary and garlic salad all sparkle as side dishes without stealing the show.

That’s a wrap!

A movie is only as good as the impression you leave the cinema with – the same applies to dinner parties. End the night on a high note with a lavish dessert (we’re looking at you, self-saucing chocolate and orange pudding). You could also go down the fruity route with cinnamon-roasted stone fruit served with dollops of whipped honey ricotta or please with cheese – learn how to put together the perfect cheeseboard here

Special thanks

Any Academy Awards menu would be incomplete without a mention to everyone’s favourite film staple: popcorn. Try it the traditional way or twist things up with these cheddar and chive, beef and horseradish and ginger caramel versions.

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