Flippin’ great: eight recipes for Pancake Day

You’ll be spoilt for choice with these delicious desserts

It’s that day again – the one day that deems it acceptable to eat as many pancakes as humanly possible and it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited. With a whisk and a flip, here are our favourite eight recipes… and they’re batter than good:

Pea pancakes with smoked salmon

These nutrient-rich dainty rounds are pure indulgence and a perfect way to line the stomach before the sweet treats arrive on the table.

Black forest pancakes with cherry and almond compote

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching ice cream run slowly down this pile of fruity goodness.

American pancakes

Maple syrup and blueberries top off these traditional, American-style fluffy delights. Build them into a tower and watch how quickly it falls down, bite by bite.

Chia seed pancakes 

The recipe for those erring on the healthy side of things today. Enjoy them on their own, or partner with thick, creamy coconut yogurt.

Bengali Patishapta (pancakes with coconut filling)

These delicious treats have a rich, sweet centre that mean no other condiments are required.

Buckwheat pancakes with nectarines and raspberry chia jam

Buckwheat flour is a great alternative to the ordinary kind and the fruity accompaniments round this recipe off as a truly nutritious treat.

Lace pancake hearts with roasted rhubarb and ginger créme fraîche

Dainty and pretty in all the right places, these heart-shaped varieties are an ideal way to treat your loved ones. The flavours combine majestically to create a dessert to delight.

Blueberry pancake stack 

The triple threat of coconut cream, blueberries and maple syrup work like a charm in this offering. Watch the stack tumble as you dig your spoon in.

Whether you’re going to make one, two or all of these recipes (and we’re not here to judge), we wish you a happy Pancake Day. Enjoy!