5 steak recipes that match your mood

Eat your feelings with steak salads, sandwiches and more

We’ve arrived at a conclusion: there isn’t a mood – good, bad, happy, sad – that wouldn’t be made (a little or a lot) better by steak. Feeling great? Get your steak on. Looking to turn that frown upside down? Steak will sort you out. Hungry to celebrate? You know the drill. So to honour this widespread appeal, we’ve compiled a list of steak recipes that will be there by your side, through the thick and the thin.

It’s been a long week

Work ain’t been great. On Sunday, you wondered where Saturday went. On Monday morning, you thought it was actually Tuesday morning, and come Wednesday evening, you were suspended in disbelief that tomorrow was going to bring another day’s work to endure. This recipe was created for this kind of week. For all those low points, when the only thing that keeps you going is the prospect of a bells-and-whistles meal to start your weekend.

Hanger is no game

Dinner’s been delayed and you know that if you don’t eat sharpish, what comes next won’t be pretty for those around you. To halt the hanger, you need this dish. It takes just 20 minutes from start to finish and really hits the spot. The trick is to assemble the salad while the steaks rest. The treat is that it’ll be all yours very, very soon.

Time for a change

When you think it’s time to take your steak in a different direction, this is the recipe to follow. Every part is a riot: colour (sunshine-yellow mango, bright-green sugar snaps), texture (pillowy rice, crunchy cashews) and flavour (sesame oil, mint, chilli – all the good stuff, basically). And in the middle of it all, still the star of the show, is blushing-pink steak.

Time to get stuck in

This sandwich is a messy eat, but the mess is marvellous. Rump steak – flattened first for speed of cooking, ease of eating – with smoky-sweet pears and onion chutney, layered with blue cheese (because why not?) and rocket (because a little green never hurts) on top of a thick hunk of toast. It’s the kind of sandwich that makes you realise that this is why we have hands. It’s the kind of sandwich you’ll crave all the time.

Health kick

If we had to use one word to describe this recipe it would be ‘loadsa’. That’s not really a word, but then again, grain bowls tend not to be real recipes. More of a free-form collection of tons of healthy things: for us that means a pile of nutty grains, bright-red veg, bags of iron-rich spinach and protein in the form of thinly sliced rare rump. But for you it might mean sweet potato and corn, beetroot and beans. Just make sure there’s steak.