9 recipes that celebrate food on sticks

Because eating with your hands is more fun

Cutlery – let’s face it, it’s overrated. Sometimes you just want to pick up your grub and devour it. And what should you turn to when knife and fork stay in the drawer? Food on a stick. Because food that you can eat with your hands is food that’s fun to eat.

Sausages on sticks

Party spreads are incomplete without a plateful of these childhood classics. Don’t be surprised if more than a few are taken at once but hey, no one’s counting (right?).

Bombay lamb kebabs with spicy tomato salsa and raita

If you’re after a healthy takeaway equivalent, these Indian-inspired kebabs with a heat-laced side are just the thing you’ve been looking for. And don’t panic if things get a little too hot, raita’s there to cool it down.

Griddled chicken kebabs with halloumi couscous

A Middle Eastern-inspired dish with a beautiful balance of flavours; salty halloumi and pomegranate jewels provide a great base for the marinated meat.

Beef and feta meatball kebabs with tomato salad

Made in under 30 minutes, these kebabs are perfectly sized portions for kids.

Salmon kebabs and crushed rosemary potatoes

Who needs a stick when you’ve got rosemary? Thread cubes of salmon and lemon slices onto the sprigs for a slightly alternative twist on a classic flavour combination.

Chicken kebabs with cherry, broccoli and almond salad

Adding fruit to salads makes them that much more interesting – nuts add just the right amount of crunch.

Griddled wagyu beef kebabs with avocado chimichurri salad

Colourful chimichurri is an Argentinian herb sauce that gets along with meat rather well. Here we’ve given it a twist to create a salad that’s the perfect pal to rich wagyu beef.

Thai-style prawn kebabs with coconut salad

Charred prawns work well with traditional Thai flavours. Fire up the BBQ for some tasty al fresco dining.

Asparagus and halloumi kebabs with lemon couscous

Lemon, chilli and mint provide some oh-so-fresh flavour.

After more ideas for dishes you can eat with your hands? Here are a few ways you can dip and dunk your food: