Five UAE residents, five authentic dishes from home

Delicious meals to keep homesickness at bay

Do you have a special recipe that reminds you of home? We asked this question on social media – here is what a few of you had to say:

Amy Fullwood, United Kingdom

Ask any Brit to name the dish from home they miss the most and I’m confident a roast will rank highly. Classically served on a cold, wintry Sunday, this warm hug of a dish works just as well on a balmy Saturday – just as long as you follow it with the traditional snooze.

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Arlene Sobredo, Philippines

Everyone in the Philippines knows how to cook adobo. This recipe is my mother’s, which she taught me before I got married. We make it for family dinners, to serve on special occasions – even weddings – and it’s always eaten with rice.

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Azma Issadeen, Sri Lanka

I have to credit my grandma and mum with this recipe. It’s a family favourite that can be enjoyed any time of day – even at breakfast. The sauce works great as a base for chicken as well as fish, and we usually serve it with a variety of rice dishes, different kinds of roti and paratha, as well as string hoppers (also known as idiyappam, a traditional steamed rice-flour dish).

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Anar Nerali, India

This is my take on a biryani, the result of friendly advice and much ingredient and technique testing. Take the time to do the little but important things like soaking the rice (for a fluffier finish) and properly browning the onions.

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Yolandi Roux, South Africa

Bobotie is one of those comfort food dishes that brings people together. This recipe was passed on to me by my mother, whose mother gave it to her; I typically like to serve it with chutney and a salad on the side.

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