The Spinneys Family Series: Philip Bencini, Commercial Manager

Tracing back through his journey from customer to member of the team, Philip describes what Spinneys’ standards mean

I’ve been in the UAE for five years and joined Spinneys two years ago. I’ve shopped there ever since I’ve lived in the UAE and used to notice that the private label range was limited but offered lots of potential.

From a customer perspective, I saw lots to like about Spinneys – everything from store size to products sourced from around the world and the focus on convenience, quality and service. There was a friendly feel, which gave me the impression it would be a nice place to work – this has turned out to be true.

My role at Spinneys started with defining and developing the private label while keeping it in line with Spinneys’ expectations – to offer its customers great-quality products at competitive prices. We develop products everybody needs at a higher quality than the general standard.

As markets change, so does consumer behaviour. Sustainability, traceability, ‘clean labelling’ and organic products are playing an ever-increasing role. These are things we’re concentrating on as we complete and upgrade the whole range.

We’ve got a great team, including technical experts who audit suppliers to ensure they adhere to the strict guidelines we implement for our spinneysFOOD and HOME products. Not all suppliers are set up to meet these guidelines, so we work with them to develop in order to meet our requirements.

Every day is a new challenge and brings with it new surprises. Whether it’s a product development, promotions, supplier recommendations, customer requests or shipment delays, it’s made all the more exciting by working together with a great team.

If I had three words to describe working at Spinneys, they’d be dynamic, challenging, rewarding.