One Easter feast, a week’s worth of leftovers

Keep the foodie festivities going by making your grub last longer

Easter is just around the corner which is bound to mean a big family feast. With leftovers in mind (we’re thinking ahead!) here are a few useful ways to make sure your meal goes that extra mile:


The star of the table shines brightly beyond Easter Sunday with these three genius Greek tweaks. Even the bone can come in handy once your roast is over with – use it to make lamb stock by letting it simmer in a pot with celery, onion, carrot and parsley, a bay leaf or thyme sprigs.

Meanwhile, lamb croquettes are ideal if you still have meat to use up.

Got heaps leftover and want to try out a few more recipes? Right this way.


Potato, potahto, sweet potato… sweet potahto? However you say it (and however much you have going spare) consider using leftovers for nourishing soups, like this tomato and roasted garlic classic or a lentil and sweet potato stunner. Or simply let hasselbacks do the talking – reheat already-cooked spuds and add blue cheese, veal bacon, apple chutney and crumbled walnuts. 

You can also mash and freeze them for a later date; a delicious breakfast of pea, spring onion and spinach potato cakes with poached eggs (also a great way to get rid of lingering peas – see below) or a tasty lunch of salmon fish cakes really hit the spot.

Hot cross buns

These sweet buns have been raisin the bar since the Anglo-Saxon period, where people would serve small cakes displaying a cross to welcome the coming of spring.

Since Easter is their season to shine, many of us get a little hot-cross-happy and end up with a few too many. To avoid this catastrophe (for they all deserve to be enjoyed), use them to twist up a bread and butter pudding or as a replacement for bread in French toast.

Sometimes desserts need crumbed toppings, so give the leftovers a blitz – you can serve them with peaches for a truly scrumptious treat.


Were the vegetables neglected in favour of lamb and spuds? Not to worry - leftover peas work excellently in a variety of dishes. Try them in a classic spaghetti carbonara, stir-fried quinoa or simply smash and serve with salmon.

Roasted veg complements spicy chicken wings beautifully, and it’s hard to find a more comforting dish than veggie soup.


There’s a chance you won’t need to read past this point; however, if you do find yourself with leftover chocolate eggs (and if so, we praise your willpower), you can use them up in some puds.

Whether it’s dark, milk or white, double-dipped cherries – any fruit works well – are ripe for a coating of melted goodness. If you need a bit of a caffeine kick after Easter’s festivities, opt for chocolate espresso mousse with hazelnut milk foam or entertain the kids by baking some cookies – our chocolate chip recipe is super-easy.

And hey, if you’re worried about having consumed too much check out our article, where we look at how chocolate might actually be good for you.


Gravy, gravy, go away come again… four months later?

The saucy accompaniment is easily freezable and will last a while. When needed, use to flavour stews, casseroles, sauces or simply allow it to work how it works best… on top of a roast.

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