Catboy’s Cycle Challenge: training, inspiration, tips

We chat to the host of '92 Breakfast with Catboy & Aylissa' about his latest stint on the bike

How many years have you been participating in the Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge, or is this your first time?

Whilst I have been a big supporter of the Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge since it first started, this will be my first year actually doing it.

What does your training plan look like over the next few months?

I was into a really good routine up until a couple of months ago. I was doing the 50km loop at Al Qudra once or twice on the weekends and cycling up and down Al Qudra Rd most nights. Unfortunately, due to a house-move and a month in Thailand, I got out of the habit. The first Build-Up Ride was my first time back on the bike and it hurt a lot. I’m hoping I can back to where I was with the training over the next few weeks.

Have you adopted any special diets to prepare for the challenge?

To start with, I’m vegetarian, so I’m often found stocking up on Quorn at Spinneys. Again, I was on a great diet until before the summer but I fell off the wagon. Getting back into it is proving difficult but I’m going to have to because catching a glimpse of my reflection in the racing outfit is very disappointing.

Any top tips for first timers?

Don’t give up. Remember what cycling was like as a kid. My friends and I used to cycle from city to city at a very young age with no padded shorts and on very poor quality bikes. Get back out there and enjoy it.

What inspired you to take part?

I need to. My daughter, Betsy Pearl, isn’t shy when it comes to commenting on my wobbly belly. I’ve got to sort that out.

How was the first build-up ride?

I made every mistake possible. No training. No bike maintenance until 4am on the day. Plus it was ridiculously humid, so by the time my wife, Lorra and I were in the car, we were very angry and sweaty. However, once we were amongst the hubbub of activity and the race started, there was a cool breeze and a gorgeous orange sunrise, which reflected against the Burj Khalifa, itself rising from a carpet of mist. A couple of laps in it started to hurt and I was forced to slow down a little but we did it and I was proud we did.

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