Simple ideas for smarter cooking

in the October issue of FOOD

There’s something about this time of year that prompts a shift in mindset. It’s not just that the weather has finally started to cool down, but suddenly it seems that there’s lots to look forward to with a real sense of festivity and festive eating in the air. This is particularly true of this October with both Halloween and Diwali happening and we’ve got delicious recipes and ideas for both occasions (plus many others besides).

Throughout the month you'll find recipes that act as a shortcut or quick cheat to save time and make life easier; our spooky no-bake chocolate cake is a brilliant example. You will also find those that play on tradition, or are an update to a classic; look no further than French onion soup casserole. And then come the treats in all their glory: dark chocolate and ginger ganache, creamy rice pudding, squidgy brownie squares. Need I say more?

Emily Shardlow-Price, editor

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