5 DIY Halloween costumes for foodies

Playing dress-up was never this delicious

With Halloween celebrations just a few days away, it might be time to start thinking about what to wear. Whether you plan on falling back on those trusty fright night costumes – we’re looking at you, witches, ghosts and vampires – or want switch things up, Spinneys has something for everyone.

With brilliantly spooky disguises (and a range of decorations) in store, playing dress-up this year couldn’t be easier... however, if you’re in a make-it-yourself mood why not try something different? Here are five fuss-free, food-themed ideas that’ll set you apart from the creepy crowd:


What you’ll need: Two big pieces of cardboard, brown, red and yellow paint, some string, 10 milk bottle tops.
The trick: Cut the cardboard into two triangles of equal size – these will be the slices. Paint both outer edges brown for the crust and the rest red for the base. Once dry, add yellow for the cheese. Pierce two holes in both crust sections, thread a piece of string through and tie. This can then be placed over your head. For the toppings, stick the milk bottle tops onto the cardboard.
Double trouble: To turn it into a double act, hand a friend a leftover pizza box, a leaflet from your favourite takeaway and a cap.
The treat: Reward your efforts with this classic margherita pizza, delicious and ready in under 30 minutes.


What you’ll need: A checkered tablecloth, some string, super glue, a paper plate, styrofoam balls or brown tissue paper, brown and red paint and a pan (optional).
The trick: Cut a hole in the centre of the cloth, big enough to fit your head through. Use the glue to make little balls out of the string and arrange these on the paper plate to look like spaghetti. Once dry, glue the plate to the tablecloth. Paint the styrofoam balls brown, or screw up the tissue paper, and fix them onto the material, adding a few to the plate – these will be the meatballs. Drip the red paint over the meatballs and spaghetti for the sauce, messing a little on the table cloth. To top things off, use the pan as a hat.
The treat: Suddenly feeling hungry? Our meatball skewers with spicy tomato sauce are full of flavour and ideal for entertaining.


What you’ll need: A brown bed sheet, foil and red and green tissue paper.
The trick: Fashion a toga out of the sheet and cover it with foil. For the lettuce and tomato, cut the tissue paper into strips and arrange them so that they spill out over the top.
The treat: If you thought this outfit was easy to assemble, you should see our chicken and avocado burrito recipe.


What you’ll need: A red T-shirt, a pair of scissors and green felt (enough to cover your shoulders).
The trick: Cut the felt into a large circle. Fold it into quarters and make a hole in the top for your neck to fit through. Cut points into the outer edge to resemble a leafy collar, then place the collar over your head to sit on top of the red shirt.
The treat: A quick costume fix means you’ll have extra time to spend preparing party snacks – these tomato, black olive and Dijon mustard tartlets are always winners.


What you’ll need: A purple T-shirt, purple balloons (enough to cover the torso), a headband, safety pins (one for every balloon), super glue, cardboard and a green pen.
The trick: Start by blowing up all of the balloons. After putting on the shirt, get someone to (carefully) pin the ends of the balloons onto it. Cut leaf shapes out of the cardboard, colour them green and glue them onto your headband. For a quick switch, change your colour scheme to red and go as a raspberry instead.
The treat: Use SpinneysFood Grapes in these mini snack packs for the little ones; a great source of goodness after all the sweet treats.

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