What should I eat while training for a big race?

Spinneys' nutritionist explains how diet affects performance

What sort of diet should I focus on while training?

– Gabriela Di Natale, Discovery Gardens

The fuel you put into your body will have a massive effect on your performance, both during training and on the day of the event. Energy-boosting carbohydrates such as wholegrain pasta, bread and rice allow you to store glycogen in your muscles, but be careful not to overdo it – there’s a limit to how much glycogen can be stored.

Choose lean, easily digestible protein options such as fish and chicken. Dishes like salmon with brown rice and greens or grilled chicken breast, wholewheat noodles and lots of veggies are excellent post-training meals and don’t take too much effort to make either.

The night before the big event, it’s important to get to bed early so you can wake up in time to eat breakfast a few hours before it all starts. A bowl of porridge or bircher muesli topped with fruits such as blueberries and bananas is a great way to ready your body for the day ahead because the complex carbs will release energy gradually from start to finish.

Guest Expert: Freda Molamphy

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