A little taste of Scandi paradise

Delicate Northern flavours come together for this communal feast

Cool enough to eat outside, check. Friends coming over for lunch, check. Something light needed for the table, check. Scandi food ticks all these boxes and more. With flavours drawn from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, this spread is easy on the eye and stomach.

Things kick off in the lightest, nicest way with a smørrebrød of open sandwiches (think prawn toasts with salmon roe, boiled eggs with curried onion and beetroot with smoked mackerel and apple).

That Nordic classic gravadlax is a sit-down-now centrepiece that needs no last-minute graft.

Festive ideas

Gravadlax is a great thing to have in the fridge over Christmas – ideal for canapés, luxurious breakfasts and festive buffets. Get ahead and make yours now; follow the recipe to the end of step 4, then wrap in cling film and freeze. Part-thaw for 1 hour before serving.

Dill and potato salad calls for someone to play mum and bring all the flavours together at the table.

On the sweet side stand clementine cream pots with warming cinnamon shortbread, a blissfully easy end to a lovely meal.


And yet, these recipes still have more to offer. Though their focus is on Scandinavia, they’ve been created with one eye on the festive season that’s around the corner – click here to see the recipes reimagined in miniature form, ideal for a Christmas canapé party.