9 flavoursome meals from around the world

Take the tastiest of trips (without leaving the comfort of your kitchen)

Global Village is back. With delicious food, cultural events, live concerts and street shows, there’s plenty of family fun to be had there from now until it closes again in April. Excited by what’s on offer, we’ve gathered some of our favourite recipes inspired by a handful of the countries celebrated at Global Village.

UAE: Garlic lamb koftas

This recipe brings together regional staples in the easiest way imaginable. Both the lamb and mint meatballs and hummus can be bought ready-prepared (and the Arabic bread picked up freshly baked), meaning you’re just three assembly steps away from a delicious handheld taste of the Middle East.

IRAN: Persian saffron chicken salad

Marinated in ingredients commonly found in Iranian cuisine – saffron, turmeric and yogurt – griddled SpinneysFood Chicken Breasts come to life when tossed with a wonderfully crunchy salad of lettuce, radish and pomegranate seeds.

THAILAND: Thai chicken and red rice bowl

Aromatic Thai produce such as lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice and coriander carry this nourishing rice bowl straight to the top of your must-cook list. With plenty of chicken and vegetables, it’s perfect for dinner and ideal for the following day’s working lunch.

CHINA: Stir-fried scallops with Shanghai noodles

Fast and furious, this recipe calls for ingredients that are best cooked quickly: scallops (try prawns if you prefer) and SpinneysFood Sugar Snaps stir-fried with a sauce that buzzes with soy, sesame and chilli.

JAPAN: Quinoa sushi

Sushi, but not as you know it. Healthy, trendy ingredients (quinoa and avocado) get together with classic Japanese flavours – nori, sesame, ginger and wasabi – to create a plate that you’ll return to time and again.

ITALY: Mocha affogato with summer berries

One of our favourite ways to enjoy the pure flavour of SpinneysFood Coffee is in desserts. Few are more simple, grown-up and immediately enjoyable than a bowl of chocolate ice cream and berries steeped in freshly brewed coffee.

SPAIN: Churros with chocolate, coffee and chilli sauce

Spain’s most popular sweet export for very good reason. Churros are lots of fun to make on a leisurely weekend, can be served in a variety of ways and are a hit with the whole family.

RUSSIA: Buckwheat blini stacks with white chocolate cream and blackberries

Blinis, a Russian classic, are endlessly adaptable, whether topped with sour cream and caviar, smoked fish or, as here, given the sweet treatment. Bob’s Red Mill Buckwheat Flour lends the batter a more wholesome flavour and texture, which works perfectly with the sweetness of the white chocolate cream and juicy berries.

INDIA: Savoury yogurt kebabs

Yogurt is a crucial ingredient in everyday Indian cooking. Here it shines in little spiced yogurt kebabs served with a zesty, fragrant basil chutney that pairs equally well with grilled meat and fish.