Recipes and ideas for a Greek-themed pot-luck party

Keep entertaining affordable with this Mediterranean mix of meals and tips

While there really are few things we enjoy more than having friends over for a meal, entertaining on a regular basis can quickly become expensive. A pot-luck dinner – where each guest contributes a different dish to the party – is a fantastic way of keeping costs under control, minimising stress and getting everyone involved.

A traditional pot-luck sees each person bringing a random contribution, but we find it works better when there’s an element of control. So pick a theme – we went Greek – and give your guests a bit of direction: ask someone to bring a starter, another a salad; put a sweet-toothed friend in charge of dessert. The nice thing about delegating like this is that as the host you can then really splash out on the main course; take it from us, the roasted shellfish with chilli and lemon looks and tastes spectacular and is practically effortless in its execution.

If you're not hosting, think about bringing a gift along – a jar of homemade marinated gourmet olives is sure to impress:

Bring along Arabic bread to scoop up this full-flavoured roasted red pepper and feta dip:

and this easy tzatziki:

For a filling side, spanakorizo (spinach and lemon pilaf) does the job rather nicely:

While impressive, this roasted shellfish with chilli and lemon is surprisingly simple:

Top the party off with creamy yogurt pots studded with sweetened filo:


  1. If you’re the host, remember to tell guests how many others will be attending; that way each dish can be made to serve the right number of people.
  2. Make things simple by letting everyone know that you’ll provide cutlery and crockery, drinks and condiments.
  3. As a guest charged with bringing a dish, select a recipe that can be prepared in advance, is easy to transport and won’t spoil easily.
  4. With that in mind, pick something that can be cooked at home and then quickly warmed in the host’s oven or served without much last-minute preparation.
  5. If your contribution does require any specialist equipment or a specific serving plate it makes sense to bring it with you, rather than hoping the host will have something suitable.

If you've still not gotten your fill of Greek cuisine, take a look at this recipe for the classic Greek salad and this one for braised white beans, or browse our carousel below.