Nut and berry quinoa squares

Packed with on-trend and nutritious ingredients like coconut oil and goji berries, Carly Rothman’s stylish quinoa squares are a must-make snack

Carly is the founder of Dubai-based lifestyle website, where she’s gained a following for her creatively developed recipes. “I love to look in my cupboards and see what there is to experiment with. Quinoa is now a staple in many kitchens but it can be used for so much more than just the base of salads. These squares are a great sweet snack and are made with nutrient-rich, natural ingredients.”

While the steps are easy to follow, Carly notes that popping the quinoa requires careful attention: “It can very quickly turn from a lovely crunchy golden brown to being bitter and burnt, so make sure you keep stirring the grains and watch them closely for colour changes.

“The recipe variation I’ve suggested uses figs and a mixture of seeds, which transforms the squares into delicious high-energy balls that are brimming with protein and fibre.”


Replace the pecans, goji berries, strawberries and flaked almonds with 100g chopped dried figs and 80g each chia seeds, flax seeds and sesame and sunflower seeds. Form into 18 balls, leave to set in the fridge then drizzle with the melted chocolate.

Find the full step-by-step recipe for nut and berry quinoa squares here.