9 recipes for an easy Easter picnic

Have a little fun in the sun

This year, take your Easter celebrations outdoors and host a relaxed al fresco picnic lunch with these recipes from Ghaf Kitchen.

Start things off with a little light snacking – this bright beetroot hummus with flatbreads is a Middle Eastern twist on chips and dip:

Add a lovely festive element with these quails' eggs in mustard cress nests:

Homemade piccalilli is delicious and worth the effort – pair it with perfect Scotch eggs:

A no-fuss lunch doesn't get much simpler than these crispy salmon fillets with smashed peas:

For a crunchy health kick, a roasted cauliflower and spinach salad (left) does the job rather nicely, or opt for an easy potato and green bean salad (right) to combine two side dishes in one:

Garlic breadcrumb-crusted lamb loin lollipops are a fun (and perfectly portable) spin on the traditional centrepiece:

No picnic is complete without a sweet treat at the end. This carrot cake with lime icing is rather special, although if you'd prefer to bake a low-sugar version try our carrot loaf with griddled pineapple:

Of course, you don’t have to cook everything from scratch. By all means mix things up: swap beetroot hummus for the SpinneysFood Red Pepper variety, pick up a ready-prepared fresh salad or two from the deli or forget about making dessert and end the meal with an Easter egg hunt instead.


Al Qudra Lakes

Escape the busy city and revel in the tranquillity of these lovely man-made lakes. Make a day of it with a bit of wildlife spotting after lunch.

Yas North Gateway

Large and lush with a welcome smattering of trees, this relatively quiet park is a great spot to settle for an afternoon. It also has the bonus of a couple of playgrounds.

Zabeel Park

A popular weekend destination for very good reason. Lots of space, plenty of greenery, amenities and views of the Dubai skyline – this place makes picnicking easy.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

For a great beach day, Al Mamzar is well worth a visit. Spread your picnic blanket on the grass or set yourself up on the beach. A snorkel session before lunch is a must.