4 Mother's Day breakfast recipes

Easy ideas for spoiling Mum in the morning

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to get kids into the kitchen. These specially designed recipes include many enjoyable tasks for little hands, which help them to learn about food and baking. So what better place to start than by making something for mum to say thank you for, well, just being wonderful.

We've put together four stress-free recipes that are simple to make, so little ones will enjoy every minute, and whoever decides to help out – dad, older siblings or a family friend – is guaranteed to keep their cool, too.

These exotic fruit cones require only washing, slicing and putting into paper:

Baked eggs are also child’s play, although you may want to help younger children when using the oven:

Pineapple and coconut cakes are sure to be a hit with adults and kids alike; the recipe makes 12, so there should be something left over for mum!

All of this is served with mint tea – together it’s as easy as A-B-C and designed to make the recipient feel very special indeed:

If you'd like to pick up a gift or two to go along with these breakfast treats, we've got great last-minute presents for you to pick from, as well as a couple of special surprises from Parlane and Heaven Sends.