Fancy feasts, special sweets and gorgeous gifts in the June issue of FOOD

Savour the flavours of the Middle East this month

Even for those of us who aren’t fasting, the next few weeks represent a real opportunity to reflect and share special moments and memorable meals with loved ones. Spinneys’ A time for togetherness campaign encapsulates this idea. A commitment to high-quality, sustainably sourced fresh produce including meat that’s free from added hormones means you and your family can enjoy peace of mind when eating at home, while the easy-to-cook range brings a taste of Arabia to your table effortlessly.

Visually, this year’s decorative mosaic design reflects the richness and artistic heritage of the region, with the hero colours a warm terracotta orange and cool aquamarine bringing a contemporary note that fuses tradition with modernity. This dedication to developing and pushing boundaries while recognising and respecting the importance of history and tradition is very much at the heart of the Spinneys ethos.

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Emily Shardlow-Price, editor

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