5 midweek meals to make this Ramadan

Colourful feasts of fancy

These five recipes are loaded with the kind of generosity and dazzling colours and flavours that befit this special time of year:

SUNDAY: Roasted cauliflower and kale salad with honey-pistachio dressing

This wholesome main course also works well as a substantial side dish. Make a double batch of the dressing and store in the fridge, ready to use throughout the week.

MONDAY: Baked eggs with rice and tomato sauce

Here a few simple ingredients combine to great effect to make a delicious, soothing meal. This is a great vegetarian dish to have in your repertoire.

TUESDAY: Slow-cooked lamb with jewelled saffron rice

Each lamb shoulder acts as a single (generous) portion, making serving straightforward. If you do find yourself with leftovers, shred the lamb and mix with the rice to make a filling salad for another day.

WEDNESDAY: Spiced baby chickens with couscous salad

This easy roast is inspired by the flavours of the Middle East. By all means use a regular chicken instead if you prefer- just increase the cook time to 1 hour 10 minutes.

THURSDAY: Baked mackerel with date butter, tabbouleh and chermoula

It’s always nice to start the weekend with a special meal and this majestic-looking fish dish will do just that. The date butter is also fantastic brushed over chicken or squid.