Why are seeds good for you?

Our expert tells you how and why to make these tiny nutritional powerhouses part of your diet

I keep seeing seeds recommended as a healthy ingredient. Why are they so good for me and how can I use them?

– Freya Gray, Jumeirah Village Circle

Seeds are tiny little powerhouses of nutritional goodness, packed with a range of vitamins and minerals, some of which – such as magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc and amino acids – can be lacking in many people’s diets. They are also a great dietary source of iron, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids.

Sesame, sunflower, flaxseed and pumpkin seeds all make healthy snacks and are very easy to add to a wide variety of dishes: sprinkle over soups, cereals, stir-fries, salads and vegetables, use to make a crust for meat and fish and include them in your breakfast smoothies or granola. Seeds also combine really well with fruit for jams, compotes and fillings for pies, crumbles and tarts.

As well as this, it’s possible to add seeds such as chia and sesame to cake and muffin batters, pastry and bread doughs. Once you think about upping your seed intake, you will find plenty of simple ways in which to incorporate them into your diet.

Our Expert:
 Catherine Williams (left) is a fitness pro and nutrition consultant. She owns Pure Fitness together with Elaine Luck (right). 

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