Meet Lisa Faulkner

Lisa Faulkner relishes the opportunity to combine her two greatest passions – acting and food – in one busy lifestyle... with relaxing tea breaks in between

Your most recent book, Tea & Cake, celebrates a love of tea. What is it about teatime that is so special?

A cup of tea is my chance to relax while the world around me is going at a million miles an hour. It’s also a special time when you have family and friends over to share a pot of tea and a bit of cake. It’s such a simple gesture but a lovely one that I have grown up with.

What is your favourite tea and cake combination?

There’s nothing better than a cuppa with a slice of cake. My sister made a Victoria sponge recently and it worked wonderfully with a pot of Earl Grey, my absolute favourite.

Has cooking overtaken acting as your career passion?

Once an actress, always an actress. I started my career as both a model and an actress but at the same time, I have always enjoyed cooking. Even though I adore spending most of my days with food, if the right acting job came along I wouldn’t say no. I am really fortunate that through cooking I get to do something I love as a career, but I still see myself as an actress as well.

Who does the cooking at home – you or your partner (chef and MasterChef judge) John Torode? Do you ever critique each other’s efforts?

John and I enjoy cooking together and we like to include the whole family when we can. My daughter Billie loves to cook with me and we sometimes pretend that she’s on TV and I’m just helping her out. She really is brilliant in the kitchen now.

What do you have planned for 2016?

I will keep cooking on TV and at food shows both home and abroad. Fingers crossed the perfect acting role comes along too, because that would be something to look forward to. I will also be working on my fourth book – I already have a few ideas of where I want to take it, which is an exciting thought in itself. I’m really keen to see what the year ahead will bring.