A sustainable vision

As Spinneys’ commitment to sustainability gathers momentum, we look at what it means for farmers, customers and the future of the planet

These days, we’re equally likely to comment on the sustainable and traceable nature of food as we are on the quality, taste and appearance of what we eat. And as 2016 starts to hit its stride, it’s never been so important to consider the steps we can take to live a more sustainable life – not just for ourselves and the planet in general, but also for future generations.

Spinneys has long been committed to sustainable sourcing and now feels it is time to share its aims and objectives. After all, today’s savvy consumers don’t want to simply fill their trolleys with great produce; they want to shop responsibly and feel good about purchases, thanks to an understanding of where produce came from, how it was grown and by whom.

A dedication to purchasing sustainable and ethically sourced goods, supporting and building fair, long-term relationships with farmers and taking care of the environment has been a core factor in the creation of initiatives such as the Spinneys Farmers Club and Spinneys’ partnership with Global G.A.P., a non-profit organisation for good agricultural practices. By highlighting these policies and organisations, Spinneys hope to communicate with and empower customers, allowing them to make informed choices about where and how they do their shopping.

But that’s not all. Sustainably produced food goes hand in hand with a healthy diet, too. One requirement that Spinneys has for produce is that it should be harvested with limited chemical input and be as fresh as possible, both crucial for maximum nutritional goodness. In short, Spinneys is helping people to make the right choice for both themselves and the world.

Global G.A.P.

Spinneys is proud to be the first retailer in the Middle East to collaborate with Global G.A.P., an international organisation committed to good agricultural practices. Global G.A.P. conducts annual audits, awarding certificates to farms and producers that adhere to its rigorous environmental standards.

As a result, Spinneys’ buyers know that, wherever these farms and producers are located, the practices are guaranteed to meet a defined high standard. All fruit and vegetables in store are fully traceable, with at least 55 per cent from Global G.A.P.-certified farms. This number will rise to 80 per cent by the end of this year, with all new suppliers required to hold Global G.A.P. accreditation.

The Spinneys Farmers Club

The Spinneys Farmers Club was created to identify and develop Spinneys’ growing commitment to driving sustainable farming production standards worldwide and to help ensure all producers are treated with integrity and respect. Only farmers or growers who meet Spinneys’ guidelines for quality, freshness, safety and sustainability are invited to join the club, giving customers peace of mind each time they shop from the ever-expanding SpinneysFood label.



All our produce is fully traceable. Our growers are also encouraged to use natural methods of pest control. If this is not viable, only controlled amounts of safe, approved pesticides are permitted.


We ensure our growers are committed to preserving natural resources – water and soil – and ecosystems.


The health, safety and welfare of our growers is of paramount importance to us and we are dedicated to improving working conditions.


We make sure that our growers are paid a fair price. Seasonal prices are negotiated and agreed upon in advance.


We guarantee that none of our fresh produce is genetically modified.


We recognise that sourcing from organic farms is one way to help preserve the planet’s natural resources. You’ll find a range of organic produce available in store.

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