5 food and drinks inspired by our favourite Christmas movies

Have yourself a merry little...movie night in

As we hear those sleigh bells ringing, we’re all about staying in, cosying up and sticking on our favourite festive films. But what’s a night in front of the small screen without the food to go along with it? Lucky for you, that’s not something you need to worry about this year:

The film: Home Alone

The food: You may have caught us watching this on an outside screen in our December issue of the Spinneys magazine. It seems the young Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) takes full advantage of being home alone by ordering himself a tasty takeaway cheese pizza. He might have relished having it all to himself but you can share this recipe with two more… and it doesn’t have to be left on your doorstep. Plus, with only 22 minutes from preparation to plate, it’ll be quicker than getting it delivered.

The film: Elf

The food: This 2003 hit is a tale about a baby who gets mistakenly sent to the North Pole, only to be raised by elves. On returning to the big wide world, Elf enjoys a delicious spaghetti bolognese, but while he may have had to go “past the sea of swirly, twirly gum drops” to reach the dinner table, all you need is a spare hour in the kitchen. Thankfully though, this recipe leaves out the maple syrup.

The film: Love Actually

The food: The film’s Prime Minister seems to enjoy McVitie's chocolate digestives (which are available in store) with a strong cup of tea, so, in keeping with the theme of love we’ve married the two in this recipe for chocolate-dipped earl grey and camomile teabag biscuits.

The film: The Polar Express

The drink: This extraordinary adventure tale – based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg – follows a young boy on his journey to restoring his belief in Santa Claus. In a marvelous scene, the conductor serves hot chocolate to all child passengers sending liquid, cups and saucers flying across the cabin. If that’s got you in the mood to make one yourself, try our peanut butter and marshmallow hot chocolate – while it won’t soar across the room to reach you, the flavours are magical enough.

The film: The Santa Clause

The food: Our final festive classic shows a frazzled father attempting to cook the Christmas turkey, and, while it leaves a lot to be desired, we’re hoping your efforts to make this succulent roast turkey with caramelised onion gravy will prove slightly more successful (and won’t result in the use of a fire extinguisher).

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