A new set of colourful, contemporary stationery will ease the pain of going back to school

There’s something so appealing about stationery, whether it’s pencils and fine liner pens in rainbow hues, clips and pins to help stay organised or a neat all-in-one maths set. The Bic Kids Ecolutions (image 1) coloured pencils, made from 50 per cent recycled materials, are ultra-resistant, simple to sharpen and splinterproof.

Study success is often down to organisation, and it’s easy to keep notes neat with the Scripto Clip Combo Set (image 2) of rubber bands, clips and drawing pins. Another all-in-one solution comes from Maped. Its pencil, eraser and sharpener (image 3) are part of the School Kids Maths Set (image 4), along with: setsquares, rulers, protractor, compass, scissors and a highlighter.

Writing essays will be more fun with Scripto 0.4mm Fine Liners (image 5) in 12 colours and budding artists will love the wax crayons and pencils in a snazzy tin from Scotch (image 6). The Scripto 8-digit desk calculator (image 7) is great for Maths and Science students, while if you need to record speech, the 10 DVD + RW set from Scripto (image 8) will prove invaluable. And lastly, stylish pencil cases (image 9) will keep kit clean and make kids the envy of the class.

All stationery items are available in selected Spinneys stores