Celebrate UAE National Day with Spinneys

8 dishes to be proud of

On the UAE's birthday, people across the seven emirates come together in unified celebration. And what better way to get involved than by creating a feast to rival the fireworks?

If you’re short on ideas, start off with a little snack bursting with local flavours – dates stuffed with crispy lamb, feta, pomegranate and mint are always a crowd pleaser, and halloumi and pitta bites with red onion relish are just perfect for passing around.

For a traditional main course filled with sumac and cinnamon try this roasted chicken Musakhan tart, get everyone together for a mezze of mint-marinated lamb with red pepper hummus and spiced chick peas or learn to cook your very own lamb kefta tagine with Greg Malouf’s artichoke and egg-topped step-by step recipe.

Finish it all off with treats that will raise plenty of sweet-toothed smiles: apricot, rosemary and honey baklava is as cute a classic as they come, as is the frozen favourite, rosewater ice cream. Or make a pretty platter of date petit fours, stuffed with ricotta and honey or cinnamon and almonds (you can also dip them in chocolate before sprinkling with pistachios for something truly special).

Fill your hearts with pride and your tables with the beautiful local flavours of a great nation this National Day with a little help from Spinneys – #UAEisHome.