Beat the bloat this December

with a pre-party detox

It’s the season to be jolly and happy, not tired and paunchy. But how can we make sure we have lots of energy and feel fantastic throughout December – a month full of late nights, more sugar than we eat during the rest of the year, gourmet canapés, turkey dinners and even long-distance flights? The answer is to prepare with a short pre-party detox. While smug serial juicers love to claim they live happily on daily glasses of kale juice, it’s worth remembering that detoxes – although often beneficial – are not a lifestyle choice. This is because your system needs a balanced intake of varied and good-quality nutrition.

However, for the purposes of December, a three-day detox early in the week can be a fantastic solution to all that festive socialising and will enable you to look great in your favourite party outfit.

The secret to success lies in mixing good-quality food with exercise, hydration and sleep. All four of these components are key and none should be skipped, especially the standard of your food intake. One consequence of a detox is that your calorie intake drops considerably, so you need to eat food that will provide the fuel you’ll need to keep going.

To achieve your aims and watch the bloat drop off, shop often in the fruit and vegetable section – choosing produce in a wide range of colours – and drink plenty of water. With just a little judicious planning, you can make sure that December is a healthy month, as well as one that’s special and full of fun.

words by
Catherine Williams, qualified fitness professional and nutrition consultant. She is also the co-founder of Pure Fitness.