Yukon Farms shares Spinneys’ vision for the future of food: traceable, sustainable and of the top grade


When visiting farms and searching for new producers to work with, the Spinneys buyers look for certain things: great produce, of course, but also a mutual passion for harvesting ingredients in a sustained way, one that has an eye on securing a safer future for the planet. And at Yukon Farms, a South African producer that has been fine-tuning its farming methods over the last 20 years, that’s precisely what they found.


Accredited by Global G.A.P., Farming for the Future and LEAF, the vegetable farm was the first in South Africa to be granted For Life status in recognition of its social responsibility policies. All chemical use is strictly limited to materials approved for food production – an absolute must for Spinneys – and the farm is working towards achieving carbon-neutral status and setting up its own composting facility.

Add to this an excellent waste management programme (all packaging is recycled and waste water purified naturally in a lake) and it’s clear to see why there is a partnership between Spinneys and Yukon.


The SpinneysFood range of baby vegetables, micro herbs and edible flowers, available in stores from this month, is the result of Yukon’s precise farming techniques and delicate processing methods. From patty pans, rainbow carrots, baby fennel, micro herbs and edible flowers, everything is harvested under the best agricultural practices.

As well as being able to fully trace the source of Yukon’s produce and guarantee its freshness, great taste and top nutritional benefits, Spinneys can also look at the bigger picture. By evolving these relationships, it can offer customers exceptional produce that has been grown in an environmentally friendly way that won’t have a negative effect on future generations.

For more information visit yukon.co.za