Travel to the sources of our grass-fed beef

Find out why our free-range, grass-fed beef is the best the world has to offer

You might have seen that our selection of free-range, grass-fed beef is now bigger and more varied. We’re proud to offer you this – fully traceable beef that comes from cattle that’s antibiotic-free and reared naturally without added hormones. To source our quality grass-fed beef, the Spinneys team of meat buyers travels the world meeting farmers and suppliers. This is the story of the provenance and the people who produce our beef:


We’re the first retailer in the Middle East to offer our customers beef from Argentina, a country whose reputation for sustainable sources of quality beef is envied all over the world. One of our producers is San Jose del Oeste, located in the Buenos Aires Province. This landscape of humid pampas – a vast region of open plains with lush grass – is the ideal environment for the Angus cattle breed. Julio J. Born, the farm’s owner, is committed to rearing the cattle naturally, supported by a skilled team that shares his and our passion for animal welfare. The cattle are reared antibiotic-free, raised without any added hormones and left free to roam over the grassy plains. These relaxed conditions result in meat that is lean, tender and full of flavour.


Our Australian beef comes from Wingham Beef Exports, located in the temperate Manning Valley on the East Coast, a few hours north of Sydney. This region offers healthy, lush green pastures for the cattle to roam on and graze from, resulting in meat that is high in omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, the producer selects only the finest cattle, and rears it to good animal welfare principles – without antibiotics or added growth hormones. Not surprisingly, this lifestyle means the meat is excellent – so excellent that it has been recognised by those in the know. Wingham Beef Exports’ Aberdeen Angus beef has been awarded gold at the Royal Shows in Sydney and Brisbane. And in perhaps an even more impressive display of class, it claimed top spot (ahead of Wagyu beef entries) at the Royal Queensland Show.

New Zealand

New Zealand is all about the natural things in life, and our beef is farmed in the regions around Mount Taranaki, a mountain sacred to the Māori people and home to some of the most pristine conditions in the world. The cattle – a mix of two breeds, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus – graze lush pastures and have access to plentiful supplies of fresh, crystal clear water. This high-quality environment, coupled with a policy that prevents the use of antibiotics and added growth hormones during the rearing process, results in beef that is tender and uniquely delicious. At Spinneys, we always work with producers and suppliers who share our passion for great flavour, as well as sustainability and animal welfare. In order to reach these high standards, our New Zealand producer has even used an external research company to create a process – Certified Tender – that enhances the beef’s tenderness and consistency.

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