Why our longstanding relationship with this producer is one that’s built to last

With over 50 years’ experience in the field, New Zealand-based Tegel is what you’d call an expert in the poultry business. These days its well-deserved reputation for producing premium-quality, fully traceable great-tasting chicken precedes the company, which is why it remains a key supplier for us. Tegel chickens are all reared without any added hormones, in a cage-free environment where they’re left to roam in large, modern barns that afford them plenty of space. The birds are fed a carefully calibrated balanced diet, which includes grains, soy, vitamins and minerals. As a result, the chickens are fit and healthy and have a lovely full flavour.

Animal welfare

Tegel is committed to its ‘Five Freedoms’ animal welfare principles. In short, this means that all animals have constant access to food and water, are free from discomfort, pain, injury and disease and live normal lives without fear or distress.


Chicken is high in protein and is also an excellent source of iron, zinc, vitamin B6 and selenium; skinless chicken breasts in particular are a terrific low-fat option. Not only that, you don’t need us to tell you that chicken is versatile, easy to cook and tends to be popular with children too (always a winner in our eyes).


As well as ready-to-roast whole birds, the range sold at Spinneys includes mini chicken fillets and delicious ready-to-eat Meal Maker packs containing free-range 100 per cent breast meat.