Spinneys enjoys a fruitful partnership with Stemilt Growers, a leading apple supplier based out of Washington, USA


In 1893, the first generation of the Mathison family began to homestead 160 acres of land on Stemilt Hill, Washington, USA. By 1914, the family had started to plant fruit orchards on the land. Then, in 1964, third-generation farmer Tom Mathison took things a step further and founded Stemilt Growers, driven by the belief that customers should have access to flavour-first fruit.

A pioneer in the industry, he sought to lay down better growing practices and modern fruit-packing and storage facilities. As well as this, he was a forerunner in both organic and sustainable agriculture: by 1989, much of the company’s acreage had been designated for organic production (which led to the creation of the Stemilt Artisan Organics label) and launched its sustainability programme, Responsible Choice™, which aimed to reduce pesticide use and converse natural resources, all while focusing on the personal growth, safety and wellness of its employees.


Though Tom passed away in 2008, his family ensure that his legacy lives on – just like when Tom was in charge, flavour is still king. These days, Kyle Mathison and his sons, West and Tate, strive to produce new apple varieties and raise the bar when it comes to flavour and quality. West, Stemilt president and member of the family’s fifth generation, has brought consumer-favourite apples like Piñata® to Stemilt and has other exciting additions planned for the future.

The Mathison orchards are in ideal locations, with features such as mountain-fed water for irrigation, great soils, cleansing air movement into the Columbia River basin and all modern horticultural growing practices. When you add to this to the company’s rich heritage, passion for flavour and determination to grow the best-quality apples in Washington, it becomes clear that Stemilt Growers deserves its worldwide reputation as some of the best apple growers around.


You can try the new Piñata® apple in Spinneys stores with the assurance that they have been sourced from a farm that is conscious of protecting the environment and providing you with fresh, sustainable fruit.