Siam Oriental

In our quest to bring you the very best ingredients from fully traceable sources we visit farms around the world to see produce at its origin. Fruit and vegetable category manager Paul Morgan recently travelled to Thailand

Spinneys and Siam

We have worked with Siam Oriental for six years and are the only store in this region to stock its high-quality produce. Any fruit that doesn’t make the grade goes to local wholesale markets to help minimise food waste and support the local community.

Family focus

A husband and wife team runs the show – they are committed to supporting a large network of around 230 farms across the country, a number of which are also family run.

From source to store

Siam Oriental is based in Nakhon si Thammarat, on the eastern edge of Southern Thailand where temperatures average in the low- to mid-30s and the humidity rarely drops below 80 per cent. These tropical conditions mean mangosteens grow in abundance and out of the traditional cycle. Siam pick the fruit at the half-ripe stage so when it reaches us it’s in perfect eating condition. When choosing your mangosteens, look out for ones with dark skins – they’re the sweetest.

How to use them

Mangosteens with sorbet

For a light dessert, top coconut sorbet with floral, perfumed peeled mangosteens and a scattering of crushed ginger biscuits.