Spinneys is proud to work closely with Sartori Cheese, a family run business that use top-quality milk and quirky flavours to push the boundaries of cheesemaking


When Paolo Sartori left his native Italy for a new life in the United States, he chose to settle in Wisconsin, second only to California for milk production and boasting 1.27 million cows. Four generations later and Sartori Cheese, the company he founded, still enjoys a unique relationship with local farmers, some of whom have supplied milk since the early days.


Export manager Sam Allison explains: “We have total faith in the quality of our farmers’ milk and the welfare of their cows. Better milk helps make better cheese, which is why we insist on ours being as pure as possible and free from added hormones. The cows are a symbol of our farm-to-fork ethos, so we get the freshest premium milk delivered daily, allowing us to maintain the quality and flavour of our cheeses.”

This attitude towards using high-quality milk is just one reason why there is a wide and impressive collection of Sartori’s award-winning cheeses available in Spinneys.


The Sartori range boasts a number of unusual, delicious flavours, sure to enliven any cheeseboard: freshly roasted espresso beans are rubbed on to the rind of sweet, creamy Espresso BellaVitano™, while spicy, creamy Chai BellaVitano features the exotic flavours of chai tea. Basil and Olive Oil Asiago manages to incorporate three iconic Italian ingredients to brilliant effect.

For purists, there is the BellaVitano Gold, a Sartori family original with a rich and nutty flavour, and SarVecchio™ parmesan, a cheese whose quality speaks for itself. Last year, it fended off strong competition from a host of established Italian cheesemakers to win ‘Best of Class’ at the prestigious World Cheese Awards, while it also won ‘Best USA cheese’ at the International Cheese Awards.

And though Sartori’s entire range of cheeses can be served traditionally with crackers, fruits and nuts, Sam says the more unusual flavours also work well with different accompaniments. “Our Espresso BellaVitano and Chai BellaVitano are both great alongside chocolate, sweet pastries and dried fruits.”

Find the perfect Sartori cheese for you, in Spinneys stores now.