San Jose del Oeste

Last year, our meat expert Glen Thompson travelled to Argentina to source fantastic beef. Here’s what he found

San Jose del Oeste’s is situated in Rivadavia, in the centre of Buenos Aires Province. The owner, Julio J. Born, is passionate about high-quality cattle. He tells us about his team’s philosophy, all the way from farm to fork...

“For me, Argentinian beef is superior thanks in part to genetics, but also because the cattle are fattened slowly, in large open, grassy spaces. This means they develop less fat and more muscle, which results in lean, juicy meat. San Jose del Oeste is part of the Argentine Chamber Feedlot, an institution that is committed to quality meat production and sustainable development. This means that our methods are constantly monitored and vigilantly updated to ensure that guidelines are adhered to and standards maintained.”

More on San Jose del Oeste...

  • The health and wellbeing of the cattle is a priority. The cattle are reared naturally, without antibiotics or added hormones, and are free to roam over fresh grassland.
  • In order to further minimise stress, dogs are prohibited from the farm and the cattle are moved slowly from one paddock to another, rather than being rushed. The use of sticks and electrical cattle prods is also banned.
  • A carefully assembled team of breeders, specialising in cattle selection, health and nutrition, work together to ensure that the yield is maximised without negatively impacting the animals or affecting the eating quality of the meat.
  • Regular training days mean that staff are well-informed about all aspects of the farming process, including animal welfare, management of plots, grazing schedules, machinery, calving and delivery.
  • The farm also champions social responsibility, contributes towards the education of employees’ children and supports both the Argentine Special Olympics and Colegio Rural Nuevo Surco.