Sailor Salt

The ingredient that helps your cooking reach the greatest heights has to be of the finest quality. Here we talk about the people who produce it

Sailor Salt’s story began in 1967, when founder (and grandfather of the current CEO) Paraskevas Theodorou started to buy, grind, package and sell salt in Larnaca, located on the southern coast of Cyprus.

Little by little this one-man company grew. By 2001, the founder’s grandson, Paraskevas Jr, had identified 21st-century shoppers’ desire for access to products that were in every way natural. In response, Sailor Salt committed to producing 100 per cent organic and additive-free sea salt. And it’s still that way today...


While recent years have seen the company embrace more modern equipment, it remains its steadfast belief that sea salt can only be pure and natural when produced the traditional, human-controlled way.


The salt-making stages go like this: water from the Mediterranean Sea is channelled through a network of pods. This creates a brine that, having being fed into large pans, is heated by sun and wind until crystals rise to the surface. The salt is then harvested and dried before being sieved and packed.


An experienced team monitors every step of the process, from controlling the brine temperature – key to forming perfect delicate flakes – to harvesting the salt by hand and taking great care to place it into sustainable packaging.


This mixture of contemporary equipment and classic techniques produces salt that has it all: greater retention of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, plus pristine form and natural flavour.


Sodium chloride is an essential chemical we’re genetically engineered to crave. It’s thanks to Sailor Salt that our range in store offers such versatility and reliably high quality. From classic sea salt flakes to black salt, plus exciting chilli and wild garlic infusions, each variety is ideal for seasoning and finishing dishes, with the salt dissolving and imparting flavour quickly. Find out more about the range here.