Royal Stone Fruit

Spinneys selected Royal as a stone fruit partner because of its focus on varieties grown for the best eating quality, as well as its dedication to sustainable farming


Although Spain is primarily known for its cultivation of oranges, Royal Stone Fruit is now regarded as the leading supplier in Europe of premium nectarines, plums and peaches. Located in Seville in southern Spain, an area known as ‘the California of Europe’ due to its mild winters and very warm summers, the company produces 32,000 tonnes of delicious fruit from almost 1,100 hectares.

Royal’s partnership with Spinneys began in September last year because both sides shared the same commitment to focusing on the best eating quality of its fruit. Royal prioritises the aroma, crunch, juiciness and sugar content of the fruit, while shelf life, shape and colour are also regarded as important factors.


In keeping with Spinneys’ long-standing philosophy on sustainability, Royal has a raft of environmentally friendly policies, including efficient drip irrigation systems to save water and regulate production. Its stone fruit orchards are treated against insects and diseases via integrated control and organic techniques.

Royal is among the first growers in Europe to get the BSCI audit, the trade’s main ethical standard for socially responsible and environmentally sustainable business practices.


As the company grows varieties that do not need long periods of cold weather in the winter, its fruit is available very early in the season. This month you can find Royal’s nectarines, peaches and plums in store. And excitingly, there are new plums within the range – Pluot and Metis. Cross breeds between plums and apricots, they are grown to have an enhanced flavour with the combined sweetness of the two fruits, meaning you can enjoy the best of both.

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