Purple Pride

Purple Pride from the Netherlands uses clever and sustainable farming methods to grow a versatile variety of aubergines


They say that focusing on just one thing leads to better results, which could be why Purple Pride is such a successful aubergine grower. In the 1970s, three Dutch families combined to start farming vegetables and then, in 1996, established the Purple Pride Growers’ Association, which allowed them to concentrate fully on producing quality aubergines. Fast forward to now and the company harvests over 20 million kilos across five sites.


The aubergine is a tropical fruit that grows best in warm conditions. Purple Pride plant theirs in greenhouses with temperatures between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. But in the summer months, this temperature is lowered in an effort to help save energy.

This kind of agricultural practice is at the heart of everything Purple Pride does. At one of the production sites, located in the south, power is generated from the C02 recycled from a nearby fertiliser factory, a unique process that represents a 90 per cent reduction in use of natural gas. Across the board, the company is focused on its approach to sustainability: natural pollination methods are in place, the crops are protected via natural predators, waste water is purified and all packaging is environmentally friendly.


This month in Spinneys, Purple Pride’s standard aubergine – a mainstay in store – will be joined by two new Italian varieties: the Graffiti (so named because of its pretty, striped skin) and the Purpura (round in shape with juicy flesh). And as for how best to enjoy them, Purple Pride recommend recipes such as pasta alla Norma, which unites three Italian favourites: pasta, tomatoes, and of course, aubergines.

For more information visit purplepride.nl/en