Paeon Peonies

Spinneys enjoys a blossoming relationship with Dutch nursery Paeon, which supplies stunning, sustainably grown peonies


Peonies are one of summer’s most traditional and luxurious flowers, so it’s fitting that family company Paeon supplies Spinneys with its blooms. A third-generation family company now run by Jakob Karsten, Paeon was one of the first producers to focus solely on peonies, growing them with love, passion and expertise. As a result, their peonies are of the highest quality.

Paeon operates across two sites – 12 hectares of land in Benningbroek in northern Netherlands plus 12 hectares in France. But it’s still very much a family concern, with grandfather, father and son all working in the nursery. This family collaboration allows them to pass on their knowledge, craftsmanship and attention to detail, to the extent that much of the work is still done painstakingly by hand.


Paeon grows 4 million stems of peonies each year – no mean feat when you consider that the plants are sensitive to variations of heat and temperature. Only if the perfect cultivation methods are met can you guarantee flowers of the top order – and the quality of their peonies is a source of great pride to Paeon.

The company is as passionate about sustainability as it is about quality. As well as ensuring good working conditions for their employees, such as providing local housing and a healthy, safe working environment, Paeon insists on the highest environmental standards.

Sustainable measures are an ongoing priority. Currently, the nurseries separate refuse and waste materials, and use natural and organic methods to fight pests and diseases.

Combined with fair working conditions and sustainable production methods is the company’s ethos of pure passion, enthusiasm and working together.


It’s time to fill your vases – and the luxurious peonies available at Spinneys would make a great statement at any iftar table or summer celebration, or be a thoughtful gift for family and friends.