Nobó Frozen Goodness, the award-winning dairy-free ice cream range from Ireland, is made with pure, natural ingredients


Ireland-based husband and wife team Rachel and Brian Nolan launched their premium nutrient-rich, dairy and gluten-free range of ice cream Nobó Frozen Goodness (bó meaning cow in Irish) a few years back.


“Our aim was always to create the most delicious, indulgent foods in the purest way possible. Not only were we trying to develop an ice cream without dairy, but we also wanted to avoid the gums and stabilisers typically present in commercial ice cream,” explains Brian. . “We also set out to use ingredients like avocado to replace animal fats and coconut milk for its nutritional benefits and taste. In essence, we just want to create real food.”


In September 2014, out of more 10,000 products, Nobó Fresh Lemon flavour was judged as one of the top 50 foods in the UK and Ireland at the Great Taste Awards. Yet it’s the Irish Salted Caramel that Brian says they’re most proud of: “It’s a caramel without butter or refined sugar, which is unique. We use coconut sugar, which gives a lovely toffee-like flavour and a nice balanced sweetness.” Both flavours are sold at Spinneys.