Mt Cook Alpine Salmon

Our freshwater king alpine salmon is sourced from the base of Mount Cook on New Zealand’s South Island. Let’s head to the pristine source...

Established over 20 years ago, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon has been supplying our stores with the finest salmon since 2015. Across the board, the reasons for this relationship are as clear as the pure, glacier-fed canals the salmon swim in.

With sustainable practices and traceable fishing methods, Mt Cook’s approach to environmental care makes it an industry leader. And then, of course, there’s the quality of the fish. The company’s experts prefer to feed the salmon by hand. This way they can observe the fish’s health and wellbeing and ensure they’re fed to the correct nutritional levels. As a result, the salmon are fit and healthy, have the perfect amount of fat, a delicate texture and clean taste.

More on Mt Cook...

  • The company uses specially formulated premium feed that is sustainable and free from added hormones. Because of the location’s naturally pristine environment, there is also never any need to treat the salmon with antibiotics.
  • Another example of the company’s awareness of the link between environmental sustainability and top-quality produce is the placement of low-stocking density measures. This means the salmon are free to move as nature intended, giving them plenty of space to grow and thrive. It also allows for a better flow of oxygen.
  • In 2012 Mt Cook became the first farm in Australasia to receive Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification. BAP is a non-profit organisation that focuses on animal welfare and food safety, as well as farms’ environmental responsibilities and sustainable and traceable fishing practices.
  • Sixty per cent of the power on New Zealand’s South Island is produced by hydroelectricity from water stored in the lakes at the base of the Southern Alps. This entirely natural source of water is home to Mt Cook’s salmon, meaning the fish have 24-hour access to pure oxygenated water.

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